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Pain Relief Health Bracelet & Necklace

What are Germanium Titanium Health Bracelets? Bio-Germanium (Ge) Titanium Health Accessories? Bio-Ge Titanium Health Bracelets? Negative-ion or n-ion and how does it work for you?

It is believed that Germanium Titanium Bracelets, Germanium Necklace or Titanium Bracelet, also commonly refer to Bio-Magnetic Bracelet, Bio-Ge Titanium Health Bracelet or Pain Relief Bracelet can help relief pain on our back or spine, improve blood circulation, increase body oxygen supply, enhance the immune system as well as help to relieve the discomfort associated with the cervical vertebra (human neck), due to fall, sport injury or overwork. These obvious symptoms include neck or shoulder stiffness, muscle strains, back pain, numbness and muscular ache of arms or fingers.

Germanium chip has an amazing capacity to raise the level of activity of various organs by enabling them to attract more oxygen to support the body's natural defense system. It is said that Germanium helps improve oxygen flow to tissues and boosts circulation, which improves stamina and endurance. As a result, more oxygen moves around and a person feels more energetic.

Both titanium and germanium jewelry use what is known as magnetic therapy. Research is on-going to examine the various health claims and benefits of wearing jewelry made from Titanium and Germanium. In spite of the lack of scientific evidence, there are however, many testimonials and feedbacks / reviews attesting to the effectiveness and benefits when wearing these jewelry.

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