* Our unique Unisex Design Germanium Titanium Bracelet SJGE 172 suit well for both Male & Female *

Clients with SJGE-172

Wearing silver helps you experience balanced energy levels, moods, temperature and circulation. It offsets wifi and electrical disturbances, and maintains optimum hygiene and immunity. Silver colour also stimulating calmness and tranquility.

Silver’s benefits come from its electrical and thermal conductivity that generates an electrical field, distributing electricity and heat around the body.

Positively-charged silver ions form conductive fields that reflect electromagnetic radiation away from the body, stimulating bodies’ existing conductivity, that improves blood circulation and helps recovery.

The ions bind with negatively-charged oxygen receptors in bacteria, destabilising their metabolic enzymes, suffocating them.

Silver aids internal heat regulation and circulation.

Silver containing powerful antimicrobial agents preventing colds, healing wounds, and caring for human skin.

* * *