Germanium Pain Relief & Health Necklace Sell in Singapore from South Korea
Ge-Purity  Feedbacks Bracelet  Necklace

[ A Germanium Silver Necklace strongly recommended for people who suffer from tremendous pain on their back or lower back and or occasionally feeling sharp pain on leg due to personal history of slipped disc or spine Injury ]

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- - - Feedbacks and Reviews - - -

Feedback by Jay Chua
"After wearing the Germanium Necklace for about 2 weeks, I think it helps me "heal" faster when I get a backache. So far haven't "kenna" more "jia lat" one yet : )"

Feedback by Dinesh S,
"Dear Mr Ho, I wish to report that since I’ve started to use the Silver Germanium Necklace last Sunday, the pain in my lower back has stopped and that I feel much more refreshed when I wake up in the mornings. It is remarkable. Thank you. Very best"

Feedback by Anna from Philippines,
[ Hi, this is anna, thanks for giving us a chance to try your germanium titanum bracelet for 7 days. when my husband try to wear it he feel less pain at his back, because he always complained about it. so i decided to buy one for him, Thanks again Mr Ho! ]

Feedback by Mrs Babu, Singapore
[ I'm 54 yrs old. Since after wearing your Germanium Titanium Bracelet with 99.9999% Germanium purity, I experience number of changes in my body as below: ]

  • I used to suffered migraine at least 3 to 4 times in a mths. For the past 8mths I didn't get it migraine.
  • I feeling very energetic everyday.
  • Last time I only can walk about 2km due to my joints pain. Now I can walk for 5 km not feel tired or pain in my joints and also go often for my exercise.
  • I used to have sleepless nite or wake up in the middle of the nite. Now I Don't have this problem. I really saw all change in me.

  • Feedbacks by Cornelius Lim,
    who suffer a relapsed after spine operation tried our Germanium Silver Necklace with 99.9999% Germanium purity.

  • [ After wearing the high purity Germanium Neckless for more than 3 months, I am convince it has improved my health and life style tremendously", and below are some of my feedbacks : ]

  • I used to take pain killers at least 3 to 4 times a week and now hardly at all.
  • I'm so happy and glad that I have stopped relying on the pain killers for my back problem.
  • It has helped me to be less reliant on pain killers, infact I hardly take the pain killers anymore.
  • My back problems and pain have drastically reduced from a scale of 8 to 1.
  • Wearing it has helped to sleep very well.
  • I am able to do exercises or do household chores without much difficulties. Infact many times I have forgotten that I have back problem.
  • It gives me the strength, energy and alertness to perform my daily activities and work very effectively.
  • It provides me a better centre of gravity, now I don't fall or trip or stumble easily.
  • I used to have stuffy nose every morning and now it has totally disappeared.

    Feedback by Ms Felina Tan,
    [ initially when I first put on the Germanium Titanium Bracelet, I am able to sleep well and deeper, after wearing for 3 months, I find that it had help me in my energy less tired physically, able to breath better and as for my husband he is able to sustain his stamina during his jog as a Triathlon runner. Thks!

    Feedback by Patrick Loh,
    on our Germanium Silver Necklace with 99.9999% Germanium purity
    [ my neck always very tight and I feel almost immediate relieve after put on the Germanium Silver Necklace for about 20 minutes.

    Later Patrick decided to try out our Germanium Titanium Bracelet with 5 pcs of Germanium with 99.9999% purity
    [ my energy level do not drop at all even after I spend about one hour in the gym room, it amazing! ]

    General feedback b customers who wear our Germanium Titanium Bracelet or our Germanium Silver Necklace with 99.9999 Germanium purity:
    [ now I feel more energetic and it helps me sleep very well and a must when I go for my sports activity. ]

    Man with computer surrounded by negative ions

    Germanium Titanium Bracelet & Germanium Silver Necklace is a health product strongly recommended to those who work long hours with electromagnetic devices such as computers, mobile phones etc.

    Man carry heavy stuff may cause slip disc

    Germanium Silver Necklace strongly recommended to those who need to carry heavy stuff during work so as to strengthen the muscles of the back and to protect their Spine to prevent Slip Disc.

    Take advantage of our 7 days Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee policy (for Singapore market only)

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    [ Product from South Korea ]

    9.25 Silver mixed with Germanium in 99.9999% purity (Not coating!!)

    "A Bio-Magnetic Necklace strongly recommended for people who suffer from Neck Stiffness, tremendous pain or discomfort on lower back (or back) and or occasionally feeling sharp pain on leg due to personal history of slipped disc or spine Injury"

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    7-days Satisfaction Warranty for product purchase from us* For Singapore market only.
    * For user with selective type of symptom only.
    * Pay only $28 administration fee if you return the bracelet or necklace within 7 days.
    * Delivery in Singapore at $20 per trip.

    Prolong wearing Germanium Jewelry may assist in :

    Strengthens of our immune system and Energises a person.

    Help in pain relief, body and Mind Relaxation.

    Increase sports performance and stamina.

    Improves blood circulation & increase oxygen level in the body.

    Relieves for Arthritis, insomnia, high cholesterol, Migraine etc.

    Neutralization of free radical generated from computer etc.

    Regulates positive and negative ions within the body.

    Discharge of toxins and other wastes in body.

    * * *

    Our Titanium Germanium Bracelet with 99.9999% Germanium Purity Chips available in 5Ge, 7Ge, 8Ge, 9Ge or 10 Ge-chips Setting

    Germanium Titanium Bracelet with 99.9999% Purity from Koreacouple wearing our Unique Unisex design Germanium Titanium Bracelet from South Korea Model SJGE-172